Star Zyme™
for Fiber Modification

StarZyme™ for Fiber Modification Overcomes the negative effects of conventional dopes on fiber destruction. Through advanced protein recombination technology and gene engineering expression technology, aiming at the actual situation adaptability of big difference of temperature between north and south and winter and summer in our country, large difference of raw materials and process, Ruichen Star has developed a variety of function-oriented Polymerase ™ products:

  • Improve paper strength (tensile strength, stiffness and compressive strength)

  • Improve drainage, reduce drying energy consumption and improve paper machine output

  • Reduce wood pulp refining energy consumption

  • Improve the efficiency of primary pulp bleaching, reduce the amount of bleaching agent and improve environmental protection benefits

  • Improve non-wood pulp (tobacco / straw / bagasse) fiber properties and improve product quality

In the StarZyme™ technology, enzymes target their reactions on the base materials of papermaking—cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Through controlled reactions of single or multiple enzymes of hydrolases, lyases, oxidases, monooxygenases and peroxidases, fiber materials can be modified to targeted purposes. The following applications have been developed and successfully implemented in multiple mills:
(a)Reducing refining energy consumption of kraft pulps
(b)Improving fiber bonding and paper strength of various furnishes
(c)Lowering drying steam consumption through better drainage
(d)Increasing bleaching efficiency and reducing effluent AOX
Leveraging these results, mills can achieve multiple benefits, including
reduced energy consumption,
less chemical usage (strength aids, retention and drainage aids),
reduced the use of high cost kraft pulp, and
improving the machine production efficiencies.
In many cases, mills have achieved substantial values of as much as $10-30 per ton in cost reduction.