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Professor Deng Yulin and Professor Peng Yuanxing, the core members of "Guangdong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team"
Date:2015-11-16   Views:1720

The core members of the "fourth batch of innovation and entrepreneurship team in Guangdong Province", Professor Deng Yulin of Georgia Institute of Technology and Professor Peng Yuanxing of Taiwan University of Science and Technology came to Guangzhou this summer to participate in the "Development and Industrialization of High-tech Pulp and Paper Biotechnology "With the development of the project, together with Dr. Zhang Fushan and Dr. Shao Xuoxin, the other two core members who have worked in the company, and the team leader Dr. Wang Xiang Huai, the core members of the team are all in place and the work of the project is in full swing.

Deng Yulin, Peng Yuen Hing and Zhang Fushan three professors in the field of pulp and paper making paper in the international well-known experts in the field of nanotechnology in the papermaking pioneer. The three professors lead the development of new nano-biotechnology / products in this project so as to effectively solve the "three-highs" (ie high material consumption, high energy consumption and high pollution) of Chinese papermaking enterprises.

During this visit to Guangzhou, Prof. Deng and Prof. Peng also gave lectures and field trainings on R & D personnel and technical engineers of the company's technical team, which played a catalytic role in upgrading the technical level of the Company's technical staff.

Figure: Deng Yulin, Professor Peng Yuanxing and Wang Xianghuai, Shao Xu new Ph.D.

Figure: Professor Deng Yulin to the company's R & D personnel and technical engineers to teach

Character introduction:

Deng Yulin, Ph.D., University of Manchester, UK, currently serves as a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States and a visiting professor at many colleges and universities in China. Professor Deng has a wide range of research interests, including chemical papermaking and waste paper recycling, polymer synthesis and manufacturing (water-soluble polymers, emulsions, microemulsions and reverse emulsion polymerization); nanomaterials synthesis; nanocomposites; hydrogels ; Colloids and surface chemistry; biomass and biofuels; filler synthesis and metamorphism. His research has won numerous international awards, including the Outstanding Research Award of the American Society of Chemical Engineers (AChEI).

Ph.D. Peng Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada, is currently a Distinguished Professor and Dean of the Department of Environmental Engineering at Da Ye University in Taiwan. He is also Director of the "Nanopartificial Materials Development Laboratory" (National) in Taiwan. Professor Peng is a senior consultant of a number of paper-making enterprises and an independent director of Rongcheng Group. Professor Peng Yuanxing's research interests include many patents in areas such as pulp and paper engineering, water pollution control and waste recycling.