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Dr. Jianwei Liu to the company exchange
Date:2017-7-29   Views:1293

July 25-26, Senior Fellow, Australian Federal Institute of Science and Industry visited our company. During the visit, Dr. Liu held technical exchanges with the company's R & D and technical service personnel and held a special lecture titled "Guide the application of biological evolution technology in bio-catalysis of biological enzymes". The seminar was welcomed by the company's R & D and technical staff and achieved the expected result.

Dr. Jianwei Liu is a Senior Scientist at the Commonwealth Institute for Science and Industry and has been engaged in research for more than two decades at the Australian National University and the Federal Institute. He is also a member of the Biochemistry PhD Education Committee at the National Cheng Kung University's Institute of Chemistry. He has a wide range of scientific research, including molecular biology, biochemistry, plant genetic engineering, protein engineering, proteomics, bacterial antibiotic resistance, insect pesticide resistance. He has made many innovations and breakthroughs in his research work. He is the first technology and application of chloroplast GM in Australia. He has been one of pioneers of protein evolution and evolution in vitro in Australia over the past 10 years. In particular, Efficient production applications; long-term cooperation with the Australian National University - their first published in the International Academic Journal of esterase and insect resistance mechanism for anti-insect resistance strategy work has made an important scientific basis and foundation. In recent years, he joined the Federal Institute to become a key member of the research project of applying bio-enzyme technology to soil remediation.