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CSIRO Senior Fellow Dr. Gao Yuan to the company exchange
Date:2017-11-30   Views:1292

November 27-30, Dr. Gao Yuan, a senior fellow at the CSIRO, visited our company. During the visit, Dr. Gao paid a visit to the company's R & D labs and manufacturing workshops, held technical exchanges with the company's R & D and technical service personnel, and held a lecture titled "A New and Efficient Enzyme Fixing Method". The seminar was welcomed by the company's R & D and technical staff and achieved the expected result.

Dr. Gao Yuan is a senior scientist at the Commonwealth Institute for Science and Industry. He was a Ph.D. student at Charles Darwin University in the 1990s and engaged in postdoctoral research at the Department of Biochemistry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Former Deakin University in Australia as a project leader, later joined the Australian Federal Institute of Science and Industry. Dr. Gao has a wealth of experience in the field of research, including biochemistry, genetic engineering, enzymology, biological detection, surface chemistry, antibacterial materials. Published 40 articles of SCI articles, a total of nearly 2500 times the number of adoption. One of the achievements of Dr Yuan Yuan is the successful cloning of a protein glycosyl hydrolase from the animal brain, which plays an important role in a range of diseases, including diabetes and dementia. Dr. Gao uses a series of protein purification and DNA techniques to clone and identify this enzyme, which is a landmark in this area.