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The company holds its annual 2017 annual meeting
Date:2017-1-22   Views:1258

From January 13 to January 14, 2017, the Company held the 2017 Annual Meeting at Guangdong Gudou Hot Spring Resort. At the meeting, Dr. Wang Xianghuai, the general manager of the company, reviewed the development history of the company since its establishment to date and the work in 2016, and looked forward to 2017 and future work and commended the company's senior staff.
Also held during the annual outdoor development activities, activities to train staff to assume responsibility, the courage to challenge and break through the spirit of self, as well as training unity and mutual aid style, and enhance team cohesion and combat effectiveness effect is obvious. During the event also conducted a lucky draw. Company employees are interested in the above activities, participate enthusiastically, soothe the pressure in sweat, fly in the heart of the smile, in the nature to find themselves in the collaboration has a happy.

This annual meeting reflects the warmth of the large family of the company and enhances staff's sense of honor, mission and sense of belonging, and has received the expected results.