Founded in 2011 by a team of innovative technical experts who have extensive experience in biotechnology application in papermaking and agriculture production, RisingStar Biotech set the goal to become a leader of applied biotechnology in the above market segments by 2020.

The Company has so far invested millions of dollars in technology research and development, which was funded in part by prestigious research grants that the company has won from the national and provincial governmental agencies through highly competitive selection processes. It has successfully developed numerous novel enzyme-based technologies, and has so far six patents issued by CPTO and nineteen more patent applications in the examination process. In 2015, it was certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

RisingStar Biotech follows a unique and vigorous “customer-tailored application” to select enzymes from its vast enzyme bank, to formulate products to match the raw materials, papermaking process conditions, water chemistry and paper product requirements, and optimize application to provide the best performance for each of its customers. Since the inception of the Company, it has implemented them in over a dozen high speed, large paper mills in the Greater China region. The Company has already started expanding its businesses in the Japan and Southeast Asia regions.